Elkay Chemicals
Elkay Chemicals has been promoted by technocrats and manufactures silicones which find applications in various industry segments. A significant contribution comes from exports.
About Us:
ELKAY Chemicals Pvt Ltd. is a 18-year old, profitable, Specialty Silicones manufacturing Company with annual processing capacity of 3 mn lbs of Silicone Fluids, and 3 mn lbs of Emulsions with a strong market presence in over 10 countries.
ELKAY is a professionally run ISO 9001: 2000 company with a strong emphasis on business ethics, market focus, technology leadership and quality standards.
Silicones find applications in contraceptives, pharmaceuticals, textile finishing, rubber & tyres, petrochemicals, construction, reprographics and personal care industries. ELKAY has a strong presence all over India with representative offices at Surat, Bhilwara, Ludhiana and Chennai covering major industrial centers with significant Silicones consumption.
ELKAY continues to be a highly focused Silicones company, emphasizing on value-added specialty applications. ELKAY takes pride in working closely with key customers to develop and customize products as per specific individual requirements.
Over the years, ELKAY has demonstrated that it can participate in the World market with its consistent quality, competitive pricing, technical support and committed delivery schedules.
ELKAY brand has come to be recognized and respected by customers all over the World.
Silicones provide excellent coverage for micro cracks in exterior plasters, thereby extending the longevity of paints, and protecting the structure from rains, sultry weather, fungus and moss.
India is one of the largest producer, consumer and exporter of ant-acid tablets, emulsions and syrups. In a industry dominated by multi-national companies, ELKAY has come up to the expectations of the stringent quality requirements of customers, for both neat Activated Dimethicone I.P. and 30% Emulsions.
Refinaries and Petrochemicals:
Oil exploration & transport, refinery and petrochemicals industries frequently encounter foaming problems due to mixed composition (water, hydrocarbons, sludge & mud), drilling, high pumping volumes, varying pressure requirements, etc. Dielectric Coolants, Special Lubricants etc.
Rubber,Tyre and Plastics:
Silicone is the preferred Release Agent for most of rubber and tyres industry due to its easy handling & transportation, long shelf life and environment-friendly nature. With close technical interactions, ELKAY has developed certain customised products for select tyre companies. The PVC industry in India consumes large volumes of Silicone Mould Release
Textile Finishing:
ELKAY has been a dominant player in the Textile Finishing formulations market in India, supplying various grades of Amino Silicone Fluids, Epoxy Silicone Fluids, Hydroxy-terminated Silicone Fluids, Carboxyl Silicone Fluids for developing durable as well as transient feels for fabrics.