Voluntary Organisations

'Swa' - Roop Wardhinee
'Swa' - Roop wardhinee was established in 1979. It is dedicated for enrichment of latent qualities of young, intelligent and capable children of society without any discretion of caste, colour and creed. It is a place where future leaders are continually nurtured. more...

Amrutvarsha Mahotsav
  Amrutvarsha Mahotsav is not a name of a single program. It is a name of the mission. It will go for ever in the interest of our nation. It is not confined to rainy season only. The basic principle underline to formation of Amrutvarsha Mahotsav is that wherever our farmers will be in need of manpower, the residents of the city will provide the manpower. That is the underline principle therefore our tag line is "Eak Divas Sheti sathi, Shetkaraynchya madati sathi."

FPA India Pune
  This is the website of Family Planning Association of India - Pune Chapter.
FPA India provides a voluntary, Non-Govt. commitment for promoting sexual and reproductive rights and health, including family planning and child health.
It strives to meet unmet needs and create demand for quality service and care among men, women and young people. more...

  Aadhaar Mook Badhir Vidyaalay is an NGO dedicated to the development and rehabilitation of the hearing impaired. The school that started with only two students in an area of 100 sq. ft. has been growing like a banyan tree against all odds. Today it nurtures more than 100 students in an area of 4,800 sq. ft., equivalent to a school of approximately 1000 physically fit students.

Rotary Club of Pune Gandhi Bhavan
Rotary Club Pune of Gandhibhavan formally came into existence in the year 2000 when the club received the charter as a member of the Rotary International on 20th September 2000. The club meets every Tuesday at Gandhibhavan, Kothrud, Pune from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

It's a group of non-rotarians, who put their own skills to work, to improve the quality of life in their own community, by spurring long term economic development & self sufficiency.

Sathe Kulanyas
  This is the website of Sathe Kulanyas, a trust created and managed by members of Sathe family. The website highlights the social, cultural and spiritual activities and projects undertaken by Sathe Kulanyas from time to time.

Sevadham Trust
Sevadham Trust, a public charitable trust, is active in service to society through projects in the areas of Health, Education and other Socio-economics initiatives.
Sevadham Trust's work in the area of Leprosy education and Aids control has been extensive and well appreciated.

Vanchit Vikas
Welcome to Vanchit Vikas (Upbringing of Deprived), a non-profit organization that is involved in upbringing of the poorer sections of the society and nurturing our future. Our goal is simple - Let us all succeed together and Let no one be deprived of basic amenities and education.

Since independence, India has made advancements in all the fields. Since 1991, due to the newly initiated economic policies India has achieved a distinguished status. Today it is the world's popular, secular and most vibrant economies with lots of hopes. Even with his advancements, almost 70% of India's population is deprived of basic necessities and fruits of the progress.
Welcome to - a unique platform for seniors, which is open for everyone. Designed specially for senior citizens, this platform aims to celebrate the wisdom of the old age apart from the experience and tenacity of the generation of seniors.

Stree Aadhar Kendra  
  Stree Aadhar kendra (Women's Support Centre) focuses its creative energies on the four important issues that women from Maharashtra face : Violence Against Women, Mainstreaming of Gender Issues, Women in Disaster Situations , Capacity building of women at grassroots.

Terre Policy Centre
Terre Policy Centre's mission is to provide credible information, straight answers, and innovative solutions in the effort to address global environmental issue like climate change, ozone layer protection, toxic chemicals and bio diversity.

  Madhyam is a voluntary organization which has been working on sustainable development and consumption. Madhyam's mission is to engage itself in the development without destruction of the environment and its biodiversity. Madhyam carries out research and networks with professionals and put their expertise together to create awareness on sustainable consumption, practice sustainable agriculture, build sustainable buildings, develop future designers and entrepreneurs for sustainable products and clothing.

Savitri Marketing Institution
Savitri Marketing Institution for Ladies Empowerment. This organization has been promoted by women for women to ensure economic opportunities for them.

Grant A Smile  
  This organization has three programs: They work with terminally ill children, aged persons and parents of children who need constant medical attention.

BAIF Development Research Foundation
Website highlighting the multifaceted work being done by this NGO which is one of the largest in India.