Ar. Narendra Dengle Associates
Ar. Narendra Dengle is a well known architect and thinker and has been involved in several projects - institutional, residential, commercial, corporate, temples and many more. He has been acclaimed for his work in the area of conservation and heritage preservation and restoration.
Private Practice:
1974-87Started private practice in New Delhi and formed The GRUP (The Group for Rural & Urban Planning) in partnership with Romi Khosla & Vasant Kamath 1983-87Resident Director and Principal Architect, SEMAC (I) pvt ltd, Sultanate of Oman, a joint venture of SEMAC and The GRUP1987-02 Proprietor Narendra Dengle Architects & Planners, Pune 2002- Senior Partner in Narendra Dengle & Associates, Architects, Pune
Published essays, articles, papers in Marathi and English, on art, aesthetics, conservation and architecture, in several journals, news papers and magazines including Anushtubh, Sadhana, Sakal, Loksatta, Maharashtra Times, the Indian Express, Architecture + Design, Architect & builder, Navbharat, the New Quest etc Publication of architectural works since 1980 in Architecture + Design, Indian Architect & Builder, I I A journal, Mimar, VISTARA, ‘techniques & ARCHITECTURE’, France, the Saptahik Sakal, the Loksatta, the Indian Express, and the Times of India, IFJ, Journal of Landscape Architecture India. World Architecture (WA) China.
Second Prize : All India Low Cost Housing Design Competition held by HUDCO 1975.Prize :Habitation Space (International) Switzerland for Housing Project, Bihar 1979, together with the publication of the project in `Habitation Space’. Prize :Habitation Space (International) Switzerland for Idea on Hotels 1979 together with the publication of project in `Habitation Space’.
2002-05On Architectural Appreciation; in four parts for Y B Chavan Open University, in Marathi and English, as researcher, writer & narrator, shot in Goa, Konkan, Pune,Nasik, Aurangabad and Mumbai between
1985 VISTARA, Exhibition of Indian Architecture in India, festival of India Paris2005 Exhibition of personal works, 2005, at the invitation of the SuDarshan gallery, Pune
2005 September 19-25, An Exhibition of Architectural Works of Narendra Dengle ( ’74-’05) held by and at the invitation of Sir J J School of Architecture, Mumbai, along with two talks on “ The Creative Spirit”, for students from eight colleges in Mumbai.
2005 October, An Exhibition of Architectural Works of Narendra Dengle (’74-’05) held by and at the invitation of Rizwi College of Architecture, Bandra, Mumbai.
2007 November, An Exhibition of Architectural Works of Narendra Dengle (’74-’05) held by and at the invitation of L A D College of Architecture, Nagpur.
Chronology of works:
The works and projects on the website are from three different phases in professional practice since 1974 as given below:
Phase I (1974-‘87):Founded in partnership with Romi Khosla and Vasant Kamath, The GRUP (The Group for Rural & Urban Planning, Architects), (’74-‘80 )and later with Romi Khosla(’80– ‘87). Some of the works in this phase are also jointly designed/ coordinated with the other partners. Phase II (1983-‘87): As Resident Director and Principal Architect in SEMAC (I) Pvt. Ltd; a joint venture firm of The GRUP and SEMAC in the Sultanate of Oman Phase III (1987- ): Proprietor of Narendra Dengle Architects and Planners, in Pune. After Shekhar Garud, his long time associate joined as partner in 202, the firm is practicing under the name of Narendra Dengle & Associates, Architects