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India Art
Indiaart is a unique art institution which runs the highly visited and acclaimed art portal - Over the last 10 years, Indiaart has created a platform for artists, sculptors and photographers which reaches out to art collectors, buyers, artists and others from all over the world. Indiaart gallery features new works as well as exhibitions by well known and emerging talented artists from all over the country. Indiaart has taken special efforts to document the contribution made by old masters to Indian art . Indiaart acts as an online partner for several artists, art exhibitions and galleries from all over India. more...

Children's Art
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Ar. Narendra Dengle is a well known architect and thinker and has been involved in several projects - institutional, residential, commercial, corporate, temples and many more. He has been acclaimed for his work in the area of conservation and heritage preservation and restoration. more...

Art India Foundation
A firm of architects, engineers and planners set up and led by Ar. Laxman Thite. This firm is a leading firm based out of Pune and has an impressive list of clients and projects. more...

Gauri Ketkar
Undaunted by a cerebral palsy condition since early childhood, Gauri Ketkar (erstwhile Madhuri Sathe) fulfilled all family responsibilities including raising a son and yet did not give up on pursuing her passion in Art & Craft. She experimented and tried out various ways initially as a means of self expression, then for her son who was growing up, then for his friends, then for children in the neighbourhood and the scope kept on expanding.... more...

Artist Chitra Vaidya
An avid painter, Chitra Vaidya likes to explore themes and subjects in a special way so as bring to life the essence and ethos of her subjects, which have been very diverse as can be seen from her portfolio.

Hailing from the illustrious Wakankar family, Chitra aims to carry forward the rich legacy of her grandfathers one of whom (Shri. Vishnu S. Wakankar) is best known for his widely acclaimed work relating to discovery and research on the cave art at Bhimbetka; whereas the other one (Lipikar Shri. L. S. Wakankar) was known for his pioneering work in Calligraphy. more...

Vishwanath Nageshkar
Not far from the Eischenheim tower, over the roofs of Frankfurt, lived and worked the Indian painter Vishwanath Nageshkar. After the completion of his studies at the Academy in Bombay, after the visit to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and to the Munich Academy, Nageshkar painted many remarkable paintings. Vishwanath G. Nageshkar, a Goan origin but born and brought up in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. more...

John Fernandes
A graduate from Karnataka University with Psychology and philosophy as major subjects. Studied Art (Drawing and Painting) at 'Chitra Mandir', Belgaum for 9 years under the guidance of eminent artist and teacher Shri. K. B. Kulkarni.

Worked in Mumbai as an illustrator with a leading Advertising Agency for 9 years. Worked as a full time freelance artist for more then 25 years.

John has painted figures, landscapes, still life and anything that he found interesting in all mediums - watercolours, oils, pastels, acrylics… John Fernandes had several solo and group shows to his credit. Many rate John to be one of the finest realistic painters in India.

M. K. Kelkar
Watercolour artist Shri. M. K. Kelkar is a disciple of famous artist Late Shri. S. L. Haldankar. He studied watercolour painting and its specialities under the guidance of Late Shri. S. L. Haldankar for five years.

Throughout his life he promoted watercolour painting style. Watercolour plays important part in his paintings. He has painted almost all the subjects in watercolour. He is honoured by Art Society of India, Mumbai and All India Fine Art Society, Delhi for his contribution towards promotion of Art.

Vijay Kulkarni  
  Vijay Kulkarni who studied fine art at Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai decided to dedicate his life to Ajanta paintings at an early stage in his professional painting career. The Ajanta frescoes are amongst the highest pinnacles achieved by Indian fine arts in its long, continuous march from pre-historic cave paintings to the contemporary art of the present day. Enough has been written about them – the masterful line-work, natural colours, primitive tools, the forms, the composition, the delicate delineation of emotions. In these dark caves with uncertain reflected lighting, a whole school of painting richly records the contemporary social mores, and in the tales depicted, the highest and noblest aspirations of mankind.

Anwar Husain  
  A sensitive mind, Anwar has always painted his inner expressions and clearly belongs to that rare genre of artists who paint what truly is their calling. In the last ten years he has been painting, he has created a distance base of collectors and art connoisseurs who have been following his progress and new works. Anwar has worked on several themes till date which include a series on Indian Classical Musicians which is done with his own special rendering of overlapping colours, creating a variety of tonality and movement through lines and textures. A series on Old Havelis (Mansions that were once an abode of the royals and wealthy), a series on life and times in a city, paintings of school children and their childhood....

Kishor Ranadiwe  
  An artist who is charged by the profundity of his own vision and aims, filled with zealous fervors and creative energy, which has led him down many varied creative paths. He has produced films, acted in dramas, written screen plays, short stories, poems and even been an art critic for news papers. As a young artist, he was filled with lofty ideals, seeking to tear down facades and discover new values. For instance in 1991, he did an exhibition with all the works in the colour black, quoting Reinhardt, "Painting is black. Sculpture is white. Architecture is colour". As his understanding of the fundamentals of colour grew, 'black' which is regarded by many as a negative colour which has everything.

Vaishali Samant (Singer)
Vaishali Samant a name synonymous with versatility has created raves in the world of Hindi pop music and film music as a renowned Playback and Pop Singer and there's no looking back for her as she now dons a new mantle - that of a Music Director & Lyricist having hits and recognitions to her credit. 

Kumar Mangwani (Photographer)
This website profiles the photographer Kumar Mangwani and his work under the theme - "Spirit of India". Tridentfoto is the website of a well known architect Kumar Mangwani. This site displays photographs shot by the photographer and are for sale also. Benefit – Exposure to the world market.

Pancham Nishad
Pancham Nishad is a leading organization which conceptualizes and organises cultural events with a special focus on Indian Classical music. They have a great track record and have organized several hundred high quality events in the last ten years of their existence.