India Art
Indiaart is a unique art institution which runs the highly visited and acclaimed art portal - Over the last 10 years, Indiaart has created a platform for artists, sculptors and photographers which reaches out to art collectors, buyers, artists and others from all over the world. Indiaart gallery features new works as well as exhibitions by well known and emerging talented artists from all over the country. Indiaart has taken special efforts to document the contribution made by old masters to Indian art . Indiaart acts as an online partner for several artists, art exhibitions and galleries from all over India. “Art Exchange” is a unique initiative by Indiaart which will facilitate development of a secondary market for Indian Art. This will create a platform for art collectors to buy and sell artworks by reaching out to the community of art collectors all over the world. Indiaart looks forward to partnering with institutions, individuals, artists, sculptors, photographers and academicians to undertake unique and meaningful art projects.
Art Foundation
Art India Foundation has been active in undertaking art projects to promote arts and art awareness in the society. The foundation has so far implemented projects involving challeged children as well as other school children. The foundation will work closely with several institutions and corporates to implement art projects to promote arts and art awareness .
Art Exhibitions & Events
Indiaart has been organising exhibitions since 2002. It has organised exhibitions, events and demonstrations involving several eminent personalities of Indian art. Apart from the well known artists, Indiaart has been constantly striving to organise exhibitions and events for emerging artists as well.
Art & Photography Workshops
Workshops and courses in visual art and photography are conducted throughout the year at convenient locations. Course details and registration facility available at under Art Education section.
Courses and Workshops -
Foundation Course in Arts Children's Art & Craft Advanced Watercolour Painting Digital Photography Advanced Oil & Acrylic Painting Pencil & Charcoal Sketching Tribal Art Calligraphy Cartooning Pottery
Amateur Artist Program
Indiaart has a special initiative to promote the talents of amateur and emerging artists. Through a dedicated program meant for amateur and emerging artists, which includes an online gallery; these artists can participate in various programs aimed at promoting and mentoring them .