Amruteshwar Arts & Commerce College, Winzer

The main mission of the Amruteshwar Arts College is to provide higher education facilities in the rural and remote area like Velhe Taluka. Before the establishment of this college in August 1997, seeking higher education was very time and money consuming process for the boys students and dream for girls students. The percentage of people / students taking higher education was very low. But after the establishment of this college there is considerable rise in this percentage. Female students were the most facilitated. So as the rate of higher education increased for both boys and girls, the doors of the world opened for them, they went for PG in their respective subjects, many opted for B. Ed, B. PEd, B.Lib, DBM. MBM courses. Many students became computer literate. People in this area were totally unaware of the higher education and further opportunities and challenges in the changing world. But now social awareness is increasing.