Litex Electricals
Litex is a well known manufacturer of halogen lamps - both standard and customized. The company is known for its strong technical background and ability to design and deliver lamps as per specific customer requirements.
The company now owns a modern building of 7,500 sq. ft. built-up, and has 70 employees, including fifteen qualified engineers working for the company.
Litex Forte
LlTEX has a very active R & D group, and the company received the National Award for excellence in R & D from Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India in December, 1991. In April, 1994, Govt. of India awarded an R & D grant to LlTEX to develop Pulsed Xenon and CW Krypton Lamps for LASER PUMPING, which has been successfully completed. LlTEX has made commercial shipment of these lamps and should become a dominant manufacturer of these lamps within next 2 years.
The major strength of LlTEX is its ability to design and develop new lamps in a short time and manufacture them economically, even in a limited production quantity.
Laser Pumping Lamps:
Lasers have become an integral part of many modern applications in various fields. These applications employ variety of Lasers such as gas, diode, Solid State, Dye, Metal Vapour, etc. Of all these, the Solid State Lasers (e.g. Nd: YAG, Nd: YLF, Nd: Glass, Ruby, etc.) need an Optical input (pumping) in order to derive the Laser beam. The optical input is given by Flash lamps and CW arc lamps, which are high intensity gas filled discharge lamps. The gases typically employed are Xenon & Krypton since the spectral characteristics of radiation emitted by these discharges match well with the absorption bands of the active media.
LlTEX proudly announces the successful Development and Launching of Xenon & Krypton filled Flash & CW lamps used for Solid State Laser Pumping. The lamps utilise an in-house developed Graded seal technology. This technology enables to process the lamps at higher temperatures, which helps in maintaining a contaminant-free atmosphere inside the lamps. The lamps have been successfully tested at reputed National Laboratories and industries.
Apart from the list mentioned here, LlTEX can undertake development of special discharge lamps such as short arc lamps, linear long arc Xenon lamps for applications such as solar simulation, projection, stroboscopy.