PTFE Products
Suflon Industries is a manufacturer of PTFE molded and machined components. Suflon is a company promoted by technocrat entrepreneurs who understand the vast potential and application of PTFE and other co-polymers.
Suflon Industries is manufacturer of PTFE components with its factory located in the industrial area of Kanhe (Maval), 2 km off Mumbai – Pune highway. The factory has picturesque location accessible both by road & railway with all industrial infrastructures.
Suflon Industries was promoted in year 1993 as a family enterprise by first generation entrepreneurs lead by Mr. Subodh Bhat with his Technical Expertise in processing of polymers. From making a modest beginning in moulding basic shapes of PTFE like Rods, Bush, Sheets etc. The company has developed wide-ranging PTFE products and has expanded its customer base. Our customers are market leaders in their area of activity.
What is PTFE?
PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a polymer, which is used extensively in electrical, electronic, mechanical & chemical Industries due to its unique properties. Excellent Sealing Properties over a wide range of temperature (-2200C to +2600C) coupled with resistivity to most of the corrosive chemicals (Acids & Alkalis) make PTFE a wonder material for mechanical & chemical Industries. Use of PTFE in electrical & electronic Industries is preferred due to excellent dielectric properties at high frequency & voltage.
Rods: PTFE rods can be used in the original shape as a bearing material due to low coefficient of friction of PTFE.
Also machined components from rod are used for sealing & mechanical application specially in corrosive environment e.g. PTFE balls, floats etc.
Bush: PTFE bush both in filled & unfilled grades are used as bearing material & as a basic shape for various machined components.
Sheets: PTFE sheets have application for Sealing, Non-Stick application, Electrical Insulation & as anti corrosive material.