Technology Network (India) Private Limited
TechNet is a management consulting firm which has a strong track record of working with its clients in the areas of strategies for growth, raising of funds, mergers and acquisitions.
Technology Network (India) Private Limited was the brainchild of a few dedicated professionals who felt that they could make a difference by providing innovative solutions to help organizations create wealth.
The firm was initially set up by Mr. Ajay Karkhanis (an engineering and management professional) along with Dr. Ashok Ganguly (Chairman, ICICI OneSource Limited and former Chairman, Hindustan Lever Limited, ICI Limited and ex-Research Director, Unilever, plc) and Mr. Narayanan Vaghul, (Ex-Chairman, ICICI Bank Ltd.). TechNet® commenced operations in 1998 and has not looked back since. In the years that followed, TechNet's® track record of delighted clients speaks for itself. In October 2006, with the retirement of Dr. Ashok Ganguly & Mr. Narayanan Vaghul, Mr. Ajay Karkhanis has taken over the management of the firm.
TechNet’s® consulting philosophy is based on the belief that the customer determines value and that organizations exist to deliver these values through efficient value chains. TechNet helps organizations to understand their customer value expectations and align their value chains to deliver these values through Value Chain Re-architecture (VCR).
VCR addresses the strategy, operations and structure of the business to support a high performance environment and essentially involves:
• Fundamental re-architecture of the processes in the value chain to create and deliver value to the customer efficiently & effectively
• Setting up of mechanisms to systematically generate and manage knowledge of the process on a dynamic basis
TechNet’s® strength has been to evolve a consulting philosophy & methodology that is applicable across industries and is not constrained by the industry definition. It has successfully worked with a variety of industries – Automobiles, Auto components, Engineering, Financial Services, Banking, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Apparel, Steel, Chemicals, Polyester films, Power transmission chains and Bio-technology.