Vasumitra Life Energies
Vasumitra creates products based on internal vital energy management through Sanjivan Chikitsa and Vedic Philosophy for enhancing nutrition and immunity of plants naturally.
The work on the agriculture, based on the concept of Sanjeevan system was initiated in 1990.The concept was developed in treatment of human ailments in the beginning of 20th century. The results have been properly documented. The results are astonishing.
The Sanjeevan system is based on the Vedic literature. The system is the beautiful blend of the two concepts, one is of Energy management of Patanjal Yoga Shastra and the other concept is of Panch Mahabhutas and Panch Pranas, which appeared in Vedas and Upanishads.
These concepts were applied to crop, soil microorganisms, pests and insects and even to soil. The herbal products were developed to stimulate the energies of self-nutrition and self-protection, so that the crop could be grown without manipulation of the problems from outside. The products can be used in chemical as well as organic agriculture and increase the production of the crop by nearly 30 to 40 %. The package helps the farmers to use minimum inputs, in terms of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and water. Optimum output could be obtained. The technology is eco friendly, farmer friendly and consumer friendly. It is also highly economical to farmer.
On the basis of Sanjeevan system further development is being made in human medicines. Research is going on development of medicines for diabetes and AIDS. The company has excellent product that increases platelet count.
Further Company has started research in developing products for large animals, Poultry and aquatic animals. The focus is on improving metabolism, increase the immunity and minimize the use of Antibiotics.
SANJEEVAN SYSTEMVITAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN AGRICULTURE While discovering the mysteries of universe, Vedic rishis realized that at the time of creation of the universe only two things were present. They were Matter and Energy. All living beings are made up of these two basic elements of universe, such as earth or soil for nutrition, water for transportation of nutrients, oxygen and carbon dioxide from air for respiration, sunlight for photosynthesis and space which facilitates conditions for various chemical and biochemical reactions in the plant system. In general these five forms of matter take care of nutrition of the plants. (Earth, Water, Gases, Sunlight and Space) and provide specific framework to perform actions as per the nature’s norms.