Wavelet Group
WAVELET GROUP is an advanced technology company that is fast becoming a trend setter in products and services of the digital signal processing (DSP) and digital image processing technologies. The company sports expertise in these hi-tech areas and has mastered the unique development processes for solutions based on these technologies. WAVELET GROUP in brief, is an extraordinary combination of human expertise, state-of-the-art technologies and consistent research methods to excel!
WAVELET GROUP was set up in 1995 by Vishwas Udpikar, a Ph.D. in Digital Signal Processing, and the motivation to set it up was to bridge the large gap between the expectations of largely multi-disciplinary applications of DSP and the developers of DSP. Today WAVELET GROUP is well established and is rated among the top companies in a fast growing technology segment. The vision for future is quite natural, "The Best DSP Outfit in the World".
Any niche segment market demands an agency that is completely user oriented and can primarily help in improving productivity through high quality and cost effective solutions with unwavering commitment to the field. WAVELET GROUP's philosophy is based on total commitment to clients, partnership, responsiveness and unmatched excellence. The groups' values are centered only around cherishing the "good" in their work.
WAVELET GROUP has established a vast and credible client base in India and abroad. To cater to the diverse requirements of DSP and image processing technology segments overseas, WAVELET GROUP has set up independent division.
What can we do for you?
• Analyze DSP and image processing application requirements and propose projects for their implementation.
• Specify, design and develop the hardware and software for customized requirements based on DSP and image processing techniques.
• Deliver, install and commission customized hardware, software and systems based on DSP and image processing techniques.
• Joint development of products with support in design, development, prototyping and manufacturing.
• Train human resources in using DSP and image processing techniques.