Zensman Consultants
Zensman Consultants have a spirited zest to continue to put to use the treasure of this knowledge & learning to the business people who dream to have exponential growth, who want to build on their core competence and work towards a mission, wish to join hands with business across the borders and progress towards brighter tomorrow.
As a graduate engineer Mr S. N. Ambardekar started assimilating the significance of engineering skills that need to be absorbed in fundamental operations like Machining, Tool Making, Welding, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Assembly Operations which form the essential foundation of world class Vehicle Building Operations.
Today he has solid Value Added and rich experience of 38 years in the fertile environment of Tata Motors Ltd from the times before the first stone was laid in the manufacturing area at Pune to the times the company grew to the size of around 2500+ commercial vehicles per day. During his position as Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations at four locations viz Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow and Pant-Nagar. In the long tenure as the Head of Production Engineering Division which designs and manufactures various tools such as Sheet Metal Dies, Sheet Metal Fixtures for Body In White, Metal Patterns for Various Castings for Aggregates (Engines, Gear Box, Axles, etc.), Jigs and Fixtures for Machining the Aggregate Parts, Inspection Facilities for all of the above gave him the practical exposure to Design and Manufacture the world class Tooling.
Mr S N Ambardekar, a Mechanical Engineer by profession has been a home grown leader in Tata Motors from the day the stone was laid for manufacturing the Truck at Pune Plant and has made major contributions in the release of various Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Sports Utility, Multi-utility Vehicles and Cars ranging from Indica to Aria.
Zensman Consultants provides the following Services –
• Sharpening Human Resource Focus
• Development of Training School
• Management Skills
• New Product Development and Introduction
• Tooling Development (Dies, Fixtures, Patterns, Jigs and Fixtures)
• Vision Definition and Validation
• Managing Safety
• Rationalise Systems and Processes
• Identify Cross Border Business Opportunities
• Eco friendly Geothermal and Recycling Solutions
• Lean to Win